Common Problems

Excessive Barking

There is nothing more likely to upset the neighbours or stress you out than a dog which repeatedly barks in certain situations. It can become a huge and embarrassing problem.

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Toilet Training

Accidents in the house for a puppy are completely normal (full bladder control can take up to 20 weeks) but you want to try and minimise the frequency as much as possible.

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Recall Issues

Your dog coming back to you when you call their name is the single most important piece of training you need to do for yours and your dogs safety.

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Loose Lead Walking

Loose lead walking is in my opinion one of the hardest things to master. Why? Consistency. I have a little trick to get around this which will help massively.

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Positive Reinforcement

As force free, positive reinforcement trainers we do not use positive punishment aversive techniques that dogs do not like. We sometimes come across the…

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